Selvedge Denim Shorts


“These shorts are amazing. They aren’t super stiff like other selvedge denim so they're incredibly comfortable. The lightness is also amazing for the Aussie weather. Great look, feel and strength. Do your self a favour and buy these shorts! ” — D.P.

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Raw denim

No artifical markings. Denim in its truest form.

A blank canvas of indigo to which only your unique form and lifestyle will leave its mark.

Robust and durable, this is real denim for the ages. Comfortable and lightweight, we’re taking premium denim in a new direction.

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We made what we couldn't find

We simply couldn't find a durable, high quality jean at an affordable price in Australia. Those from overseas were not only very expensive, but always too thick and heavy for Australia's warmer weather.

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without the price tag

Selvedge is a premium grade denim, usually reserved for the most die hard denim aficionados and hence, usually comes with a hefty price tag. We've brought the cost down to a fraction.

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Crafted for aussie summers

Don’t melt in heavy denim designed for winters in Europe. Weighing only 10 ounces per square yard (rare for a premium denim), we've kept our warm Australian weather top of mind.

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Every day, all day

We've meticulously tailored the fit of these shorts to suit a range of body types. By adding a little stretch to the denim you have the most comfortable denim shorts around.

“I love my new selvedge shorts. Not only do they look great, they are actually the most comfortable denim I have ever worn” — Luke M

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Selvedge + Lightweight + Stretch

Defining a new standard

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Shorts. Tees. They just go together. So we made it easier to buy them at the same time. Get up to 50% off tees when you purchase shorts at the same time.

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