Denim is Philosophy

(not fashion)

Go to work, kids to school, grab a coffee, around the house, fill up the car, paint the house, mow the lawn, nip to the shops, down the pub, walk the dog, eat, sit, relax. done.

Your life is unique,
your jeans reflect that.

They are you.

The clothes we choose reflect our values, lifestyle choices and ultimately the type of person we are

You do you

Fast fashion; come today, gone tomorrow. Leaving you with a pile of clothes you can’t wear or don’t want any longer. Raw denim jeans are timeless pieces that shape and fade uniquely to your individual lifestyle and body shape.

Invest in quality denim that ages well, just like you. Ours are designed specifically for Australians.

Jeans designed for Australia


Instead of owning a lof of ‘OK’ clothes, why not distil your wardrobe down to a few great ones. Less clutter means less choices which leads to less decisons, freeing you up to concentrate on more important ones.

Jeans, tees. All day, every day

More on moral fibre

What you pay for

We’re a direct to consumer brand which means we can give you premium quality for less, by cutting out traditional retail channels.

Stop wasting money on poor quality fast fashion and upgrade your wardrobe with longer lasting essentials.

More on price transparency

"These jeans are amazing. They aren’t super stiff like other selvedge jeans so they're incredibly comfortable. The lightness is also amazing for the Aussie weather. Great look, feel and strength. Do your self a favour and buy these jeans!"


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