Denim tech: How long should a pair of jeans last?

Finding a pair jeans that fit well, are comfortable and look good at the same time can be hard enough. So it's heart breaking when less than a year later the pockets have blown out and the crotch has a hole big enough to fit your hand through. 

So you take them to the local clothes alterations shop to get them fixed only to be told for the cost you might as well buy a new pair. 

What a waste. Did you know that's not how it's supposed to be?

In the beginning, jeans were designed and made for manual workers and labourers. The denim was tough, metal rivets were placed in particular areas likely to blow out first such as the pocket seams and crotch. This denim lasted a life time. Literally.

During the 60's denim started to become fashionable. Speed of manufacture and low cost became the priority over durability. Fast fashion became a 'thing' and nowadays we throw away our jeans quicker than we throw away a t-shirt or blouse. Think how ridiculous that is considering the fabric thickness of a tee compared to denim.

In Australia of course we have the added factor of heat. Jeans were never really made for the temperatures we get in this country so can us Aussies be forgiven for using thinner, less durable denims?

Australians, more so than other developed nations, have become accustomed to cheap, throw away fast fashion denim. What's sad is not only is good quality denim is available and suited to our climate, (maybe a bit harder to find), many Australian's just don't know the difference between good and bad. Ask the average Aussie bloke if they know what selvedge is and they'll throw you a WTF blank look.

In the US, Japan and many parts of Europe there is plenty of denim labels making high quality selvedge denim jeans. Jeans of this quality are usually quite heavy and even their 'summer weight' denim is probably still a bit too thick for Australia.

Here the problem therein lies.

Such denim companies don't really market here, they're fully aware their denim is more suited to winter in Stockholm, not summer in Sydney. Because Australia doesn't really have it's own labels, the whole country misses out.

At Comoditi we're trying to change that. We produce high quality selvedge jeans suited to our warm climate. Also we're Direct From Manufacturer and online only, so we don't have to charge a fortune for the privilege. Take a look at our range.

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