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If, like us, you wear jeans to work, around the house, to the shops or walking the dog, you're going to need to buy a pair every now and then. After all, denim is our everyday essential clothing item.

Do you really need 15 different pairs of jeans and 35 shirts? Probably not right. So why is it most guys end up with about that number in their wardrobe? In a world of choices, low prices and low expectations, fast fashion has not only become the base standard, it’s the only one we’ve come to know without even considering any alternative. 

We came up with the word Comoditi as a variation of 'Commodity' (definition: a useful or valuable thing). We feel most people have stopped looking at material items using this definition. Few know the difference between the things they want and the things they need.

“So we need clothes right?” Of course, but shouldn’t we only buy clothes we actually need and will last? Instead of trying to keep up with what’s fashionable or trending. Or replacing the last poorly made item bought less than a year ago.


A life of more by living with less

We believe in a world of reduction - reduced stuff, reduced choices, reduced clutter, reduced everything. The best place to start is by looking in the mirror, how can you expect industry and society to improve when you don’t have your own house in order. As long as the demand from consumers is there, industry will work to quench it.

At Comoditi we're a step ahead. We’ve distilled our business to operate at maximum efficiency:

Raw only policy

We only produce raw denim. Minimising water consumption & chemical waste.

Small Batch

We produce only a few styles in small batches, ensuring we don’t get left with any stock we can’t sell.

Essential Items

We only produce jeans, shorts and tees. Seriously what else do you need?

Direct to Consumer (DTC)

We’re direct to consumers. No wasteful middlemen or traditional wholesale models. You buy direct from us every time.

Online Only

We’re online only, no brick and mortar stores so no rent to pay to shopping malls.

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