Earn with us

If you’re a fan of our jeans then we’d love to work with you! We’ve put together 5 ways you can receive further discounts, get free jeans and also earn actual money.

5 ways to earn with us

$25 Discount

Write a review for us on Google Reviews or Product Review.


If you’re looking to buy another pair of jeans from Comoditi then why not get a better discount than typical members. Simply click on one of the following links to either of these platforms. Write us a decent sized review that explains exactly what you like about the jeans and why you want to buy another pair. When you’re done, email us at info@comoditi.co to let us know and we’ll apply your discount to your account.

Review us on Product Review and/or Review us on Google

$50 Discount

Take a photo or record a video and email it to us, as well write us a review.


If you’re will to take things a step further and earn an even larger discount of $50, all you need to do is complete the $25 discount instructions, as well as take a decent quality photo or video of you wearing our jeans and/or you talking about our jeans. This can be done with your phone and must of of reasonable quality so please take into account lighting and the resolution setting on your camera.

When you’re done, email your content to us at info@comoditi.co to let us know and we’ll apply your discount to your account.

$100 Discount

Make a video review and email it to us.


Things are getting serious now ;-) If you’d like a whopping hundred bucks off your next pair of Comoditi jeans then what you’ll have to do is make a 1-2 minute video review of our jeans.

Videos can be shot on your phone, either outside or indoors. However make sure you shoot in the 4K setting on your phone to avoid a grainy image and please consider your lighting. These videos will be used to produce social media videos and ads so must be of reasonable quality.

When you’re done email it to us at info@comoditi.co with permission to use it as we see fit. Anonymity can be kept if that is your preference.

Free Jeans

Make a video review and post it to your social media profile.


Free jeans! Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is true, but you have to earn it. Make a video review as outlined in the $100 discount, but this time you need to post it to your social media accounts with a public shout-out to either our Facebook (Comoditi) or Instagram page (@comoditi). You must have a social following of at least 150 contacts to be eligible for this discount.

When you’re done, email us at info@comoditi.co to let us know and we’ll email you to arrange your free pair of jeans.

$25 Unlimited Payments

Become a Brandbassador by referring others to buy a pair of Comoditi jeans.


Earn some money on the side by actively promoting Comoditi jeans. You don't have to stay within the confines of your friends or immediate social circle; if you have a strong social following or perhaps fancy yourself as an 'influencer' on Instagram or YouTube, then you can get paid unlimited times referring as many guys as humanly possible. Who knows, if you do well enough it could even become your day job. 

For you to get paid, all your referrals need to signup using the referrals sign up page. On this form they must fill in your name as the person who sent them there which will display on their order when they make one. Once this happens we'll pay you directly using PayPal.

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