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At Comoditi we’d rather purchase clothing with not only a long lifespan, but clothing that we’ll love for their entirety.

Good jeans are the epitome of hard wearing, durable clothing that never goes out of fashion and looks great (albeit in different ways) right up to the day they fall off you as a ripped, dirty rag. 

“But...”, I hear you say. “My jeans aren’t like that, They shrink, and stretch, and sag, and the crotch blows out and…”. 

Yep, we hear you. Keep reading.

Premium Grade Denim without the price tag

Selvedge is a premium grade denim often only bought by the most die-hard denim aficionados. It’s a superior weave than fast fashion alternatives and as a result lasts much longer. Unfortunately though, it also usually costs a lot more, hence why most guys stay clear. However they also don’t realise the many benefits they’re missing out on. 

Comoditi has brought the price down to a figure we consider middle of the road. We’re not as cheap as your typical mall offerings but we’re certainly not the most expensive either. Compared to other labels offering similar quality, we certainly take that sting out of your pocket.

Designed for Summer in Australia, not winter in Europe

What sets Comoditi jeans apart from our competitors is the weight of our denim. Where most selvedge labels produce heavy denim aimed for customers living in cold countries, we regard this denim unbearable in hot climate countries like Australia.

We found 10oz per square yard to be just the right balance of light weight, without losing too much durability. By adding in just a touch of stretch, you have the most comfortable jeans around for every season in Australia.

It's the combination of three that sets us apart

Durable premium grade selvedge, moderately priced and designed for warm climates. It’s simply a combination you won’t find anywhere else.

Jeans. Every day. All day.

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