Jeans & Tees: Multiples

Jeans. Tees. They just go together, and what good is one without the other? So we made it easier to purchase them together and save a few bucks.

How it works

On every jeans or shorts page there is a small section offering tees that looks like this:

[Graphic for illustration purposes only]

Multiples section

To unlock the discounted tees, all you need to do is add either a pair of jeans or shorts to your shopping cart first. This will then allow you to add these discounted tees.

These sections will remain usable across all jeans and shorts pages whilst you have one of these items in your shopping cart. If you remove the jeans or shorts form your cart the discounted tees will also be removed.

There is no limit to how many discounted tees you can add - hence the name Multiples.

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